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About KYIR

Do you feel your hair is getting messy and looks unhealthy? Yes, it is a classic problem experienced by almost all women. Therefore, you need the best hair serum to solve it. Has someone ever asked you to shop for day serums at KYIR? You should have accepted the invitation. This is a store that is a favorite of many women, especially those who want to have healthy hair.

About KYIR

Everything about KYIR is so special. Revolutionary products that are clean, sustainable, non-toxic, and highly concentrated are offered to harness the power of natural ingredients without compromising effectiveness. KYIR, founded by experienced beauty professional William Kirst, presents a more natural choice in the realm of hair regrowth products.

So, do you have any questions about KYIR? Find the answer below!

What to Buy at KYIR?

How long have you planned to buy hair care items? Looking for such items online may be tricky in some cases. Thankfully, we find KYIR. What does this store have in its collection? In this section, we will let you know the KYIR’s complete collections. So, take a look at this:

  • Fuller Active Hair Serum (2 Bottles – 60 Days)
  • Fuller Active Hair Serum (3 Bottles – 90 Days)
  • Fuller Active Hair Serum, 50ml/1.7oz

Have you picked your favorite hair serum? You may be confused since there are so many choices available. However, let’s not stop here. KYIR still wants to surprise you with other exciting things. Keep scrolling down!

Active Discounts at KYIR

What comes first before buying hair serum online? Of course, you should look for some deals and promotions. Does KYIR let you grab some? Definitely, yes! Here, we will share some steps you can follow to get your hair serum at the best prices:

  • New-user Deals

Is it your introduction to KYIR? Thankfully, this store welcomes all new customers. If you want to receive a 15% discount, ensure to subscribe to the store’s mailing list–it only takes a few seconds. So, don’t miss it!

Did KYIR give the best offers? In the future, you may expect to see more promotions for those hair serums. However, if you want to reveal more discount codes, let’s only rely on Troupon’s offers (available at the beginning of this page).

Reveal the KYIR’s Price

Are you already sure to take those hair serums home? We haven’t even discussed the price yet. In this section, you may be able to plan how much you should prepare before purchasing an item from KYIR:

  • Fuller Active Hair Serum (2 Bottles – 60 Days): $122.40 (sale)
  • Fuller Active Hair Serum (3 Bottles – 90 Days): $173.40 (sale)
  • Fuller Active Hair Serum, 50ml/1.7oz: $68.00

Which hair serum has the best price? Hopefully, you will be fine with the prices offered by KYIR above. We are looking forward to seeing you with your lovely hair care from this store.

KYIR: Shoppers’ Testimonials

In every hair serum purchase you make, how often do you read customer’s testimonials? If it is vital, we have this section. KYIR has received numerous positive feedback from its customers. We allow you to read them below:

KYIR: Shoppers' Testimonials

The serum is really impressive. It feels very invigorating on the scalp, and I’m also a fan of its natural fragrance. I’ve been using this serum for around 3 weeks, and I’ve already seen improvements in my hair…

What kind of experience did this buyer get from KYIR?

Started using recently, but it already provides a positive sensation, has a pleasant scent, and adds impressive volume to my hair roots.

Would you like to try hair serum from this shop after reading this?

One of the best products I’ve ever tried, it provides the volume I’ve always wanted without requiring excessive paste and hairspray. Additionally, it contributes to hair growth.t contributes to hair growth.

Can you perfectly catch the point from every review for KYIR above? That’s good! On the other hand, if you have some obstacles while buying those hair serums, visit the official web to connect to customer service.

Is KYIR Worth It?

With numerous positive feedbacks on the web, we can claim that KYIR and its hair serum collection are worth buying. 

Does KYIR newsletter offer extra discounts?

So far we haven't found any discount offers in KYIR email newsletter.

Is KYIR legit?

According to our expert research and considering that we have never received any scam reports from customers regarding KYIR, possibly yes, it looks like that KYIR is legitimate. However, we do not guarantee that KYIR is truly legit and 100% trusted. Do your own research and shop wisely and carefully at We are not responsible for your purchases.

How to get the most discounts at KYIR?

There are a lot of discount sites posting coupons for KYIR. But we are confident that our coupon expert is working hard to present the best KYIR discount codes and coupons for you.

Does KYIR offer sale or clearance section?

Most likely KYIR doesn't offer clearance or sale section.

How to get free shipping or delivery at KYIR?

You may be eligible for free shipping at KYIR. The free shipping offer at is available under certain circumstances. On All U.S. Orders Over $89.

What is the return policy at KYIR?

Possibly you may not be able to return your order. Make sure to learn about KYIR return policy if you're at all concerned about this.

Does KYIR offer refunds?

Maybe No. For more details, visit the KYIR refund policy page.

Does KYIR offer free exchanges?

Probably No. For more details, visit the KYIR exchanges policy page.

Does KYIR offer financing options?

Yes. Pay in full or in installments with ShopPay.

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